Fitting Creativity In Your Homeschool

Why Creativity is ImportantFitting Creativity In
With so many things clamoring for our time and our children’s time why spend 30 minutes or more on doing something creative? This post by James Clear points out the link between creativity and health benefits. It mentions how studies have shown that making art can help improve moods and reduce stress. Others mention how being creative can improve adaptability to unknown situations and help children become better problem solvers. Creativity can also be a confidence booster. There are plenty of positive reasons to include creativity in your homeschool day.

Preparing for Creativity
It is much easier to get creative if you have the supplies available and at the ready. A few simple supplies are all that are needed to get the creativity rolling.
1. Crayons
2. Pencil
3. Paint (watercolor, poster, finger, etc.)
4. Paint brush
5. Paper

Sketching, drawing, coloring, writing, painting, color combining are all possible with these simple items. You can also include Lego’s, modeling clay, and even Minecraft or other building type program.  Encourage free play using any of these supplies for more creativity during your homeschool day.

Fitting Creativity In
Homeschooling is busy enough with regular lessons, co-ops, field trips and more. How can you add creativity into your day then? A few minutes after breakfast playing in a journal or notepad could be one option. No prompts, no themes, just whatever supplies they prefer to use. After lunch or during an afternoon break is another option. Building with Lego’s while reading aloud. Any time that is not scheduled is a good time for creativity. After dinner, instead of television, could be fun for the entire family.

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