Sick Days and Homeschooling

Today is the first officially recorded “Sick Day” since we started homeschooling. If one of the children is sick we usually have a slow day. A slow day is one that we only do math, grammar and reading. Today my 9 year old son, CJ, went to the doctor with a fever of 102, sore throat, head-ache, joint pain and upset stomach. We came home with a diagnosis of a virus but waiting for a strep throat culture to finish and orders for rest and lots of fluids. My young man is tired, has chills and just feels awful. He has spent most of the day sleeping and sipping fluids.

On the other hand, my 13 year old daughter, KD, brought a backpack filled with her grammar, math and spelling lessons. While my son and I were in the examining room, KD was working on her math and grammar. Once we returned home she still had grammar, math and spelling to finish. CJ wanted to relax on the couch and watch a DVD while I made him some soup. The kids’ desks are in the living room along with the television. So while the DVD was going KD had a hard time concentrating on her work. CJ started to nap just as my husband came home from work. KD was frustrated because she really wanted to finish her lessons for the day.

Sick Days

So CJ is at home with his dad while KD and I are at the library finishing up her lessons. How do you handle homeschooling multiple children when one is sick? Does everyone have a “slow day”? Does everyone have the day off? Does everyone do their lessons?

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully one where everyone is feeling well.

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