Starting This Homeschool Year – 2016/2017

Our homeschool learning got off to a delayed start this year. Since we homeschool year round, as mentioned in the post here, it was not a big deal. But now we are on track and enjoying our 2016/2017 homeschool journey. The delay was due to dealing with multiple health issues of various family members and also lack of funds caused by the health issues.


I had gone through the steps mentioned in the Homeschool Planning post, finalized our choices for each subject and was on the brink of making purchases. That was when everything turned to chaos. So instead of waiting until we were on a normal footing and able to cope with all that was going on, I started hurrying to make changes to the original plans. It was, as is usual when doing things in a hurry, not a good choice. I decided to use only what we had on hand. This included texts intended to be used as supplements, college level textbooks and free workbooks that I had downloaded before.


It was a struggle once we got into the materials for each child. We were still working on the previous history (Early Modern Times) and science (Chemistry) so only math, grammar, spelling, reading and writing were new to them. My daughter struggled with her math and was bored with her grammar and spelling. My son was totally bored with his grammar and spelling too. He found his writing exercises silly and too young for him. I agreed. We recycled my daughter’s fifth grade Saxon Math for him, which was working well. But the struggles we did have with the materials made getting the lessons done a daily issue between me and the kids. It got to a point that my husband said we needed to reevaluate what we were doing. So we did.


We put what we were doing on hold and let the kids read, explore nature and research topics that they were interested in without “formal” lessons. I thought that we might try “unschooling” if they enjoyed this way of learning. They liked it but missed actual lessons so we started from scratch using the planning steps. We paid close attention to defining our priorities and how each child learns best. Our new priorities, and the materials that we needed were close to what we originally came up with before the craziness of health issues took over. So we saved the money, purchased the needed materials and finally started our new homeschool year. I’ll be going over what we are using now in the next couple of blog post so stay tuned.

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