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More Ways to Encourage Creativity

More CreativityKids are naturally creative and love making things, especially messes. The post Fitting Creativity in Your Homeschool mentions many of the positive effects that come with being creative. That post also mentions some basic supplies and ways to add creativity into your homeschool day. Here are some more fun, entertaining and educational ways to consider when adding creativity to your homeschooling.

Exposure to Creativity

Seeing different types of art, hearing different types of music and reading a variety of materials all help show the many ways people can be creative. Learning about art, music and poetry can boost a child’s own creativity. Here are a few ways to add art, music and literature that can help to encourage creativity.

  • Have art appreciation lessons.
  • Have music appreciation lessons.
  • Study artists, writers and composers during history lessons.
  • Take musical instrument lessons.
  • Incorporate writers that you study into daily reading.
  • Visit museums (not just art museums).
  • Read poetry aloud.
  • Read books aloud.
  • Go to a book or poetry reading.
  • Go to a concert.

Getting Creative

Exposure to art, music and literature can spark the need to get creative and make something. When this happens it helps to have a way to use that creativity. Here are a few ideas to put that creativity to work.

  • Start a nature journal.
  • Start an art journal.
  • Use an art kit.
  • Write a poem.
  • Write a story.
  • Have a poetry or book reading event at home.
  • Make puppets and act out a historical scene.
  • Use building blocks or Lego’s to make a place from history.

Things to Remember

Children can be creative at any time, whether free-style play, directed creativity or actual lessons. Here are a few important things to remember when encouraging your children’s creativity.

  • Be prepared for messes. Be sure to add a drop cloth or news papers on top of your table or outside. Aprons or old shirts to cover clothes are also a good option. Be sure to have paper towels nearby too.
  • During free-style creativity, don’t tell the children what to make. Creativity is all about being able to create things, experiment and play.
  • Be careful in your comments. Ask why they used a particular color or item rather than a general comment.
  • Don’t give suggestions about adding or changing something. It is the child’s project.

The most important thing to encourage creativity is to let a child be creative.

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